Party Discos For 10 to 16 Year Olds

We are experienced in running discos for this age group offer a full disco and entertainment service with all the latest chart songs

You will know your child better than anyone and will know if they are looking for a straightforward disco or whether they will want a disco with some games also

The choice is yours (well theirs really)

You can be rest assured that we will have any of the latest chart songs that they would expect to hear as well as the usual party time classics that you and they will know

If games are considered then we recommend the following

  • Name That Tune
  • Limbo Challenge
  • Pick a Pop Star
  • Sound Effects
  • Human String Relay
  • Karaoke (To Pre Chosen Songs)
  • I’ve A Talent
  • Arches
  • Dance Offs (Boys v Girls)
  • Dancing Competitions (Best Boy/Best Girl)

We also invite the birthday boy/girl to compile a playlist of their

favourite songs before the party to ensure I play them on the day